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   On April 9, 2018, the 10th China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2018), sponsored by the China Machine Tool Industry Association and co-hosted with Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. Vice Minister Shen Liechu and Academician Xu Shichu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the grand and warm opening ceremony. Mr. Xue Yiping, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, and leaders and representatives from relevant government departments and domestic industry organizations, heads of machine tool industry associations from various countries and regions, and dozens of well-known machine tool companies from home and abroad. Responsible persons attended the opening ceremony (attached to the list) and were invited to attend the opening ceremony with related research institutions and corporate leaders and representatives from key users such as automobiles, ships, aerospace, and military. The relevant person in charge of the exhibition's main contractor also attended today's opening ceremony.

   The opening ceremony was chaired by Wang Liming, Secretary-General of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, and Mr. Mao Yufeng, Executive Vice Chairman, delivered a speech.

    In his speech, Mao Yufeng pointed out that in 2017, the Chinese machine tool consumption market showed a clear recovery trend, while the structural adjustment and differentiation of the market became increasingly obvious and prominent. The total metal processing machine tool consumption in the year was 29.97 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.5% year-on-year; the total amount of measurement tool consumption was 4.82 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 20.2%. Import and export data for January-February 2018 showed that the machine tool market showed double-digit growth, of which metal processing machine tool imports increased by 57.84% year-on-year. Through the analysis of statistical data and product structure, it can be concluded that China's machine tool consumption market presents new features of “total stability and structural upgrading”, and it will show a moderate growth trend in the future. The characteristics and trends of this change will also be reflected in CCMT2018.

    The guests who cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of the CCMT2018 are: Chairman of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, Chairman of the Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Long Xingyuan, Chairman of the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association (AMT), Mr. Douglas Wude, Switzerland. Mr. Bright, Secretary General of Machinery and Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Zhigang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Machine Tool Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Zhigang, Chairman of Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., Mr. He Minjia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Machine Tool Industry Association, Mr. He Minjia, Chairman of Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., Germany Mr. Hein, Director of Economics and Marketing Department of Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, Mr. Inaba Yaboshi, President of FANUC Co., Ltd., Chairman of China National Machine Tool Industry Association, Mr. Wang Xu, Chairman of Beijing Beiyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and Friends Industrial Co., Ltd. Mr. Chen Xiangrong, Vice President of the Company, Mr. Dong Qingfu, President of Yamazaki Mazak (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Huanwei, Vice President of China Machine Tool Industry Association, General Manager of Ningbo Haitian Precision Industry Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. Text Mr. Bo, the president of Doosan Machine Tools (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Kei Ko, and Mr. Liang Yongcong, the president of Asia, Makino Machine Tool.

    The theme of this year's exhibition is: “Focus - Digital Internet Intelligence”. This theme accurately and vividly reflects the characteristics of the development of China's machine tool industry and the era of the industrial market, and responds to the latest changes in the domestic and international machine tools market. , Concise the domestic and foreign machine tool industry attention and thinking on the future development direction.

    According to reports, a total of more than 1,230 machine tool manufacturers from 23 countries and regions including China, Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and the Taiwan region of China participated in the exhibition, including more than 500 overseas exhibitors. The exhibition area accounts for 40% of the total, showing a higher degree of international participation. Machine tool associations and trade promotion agencies from 10 countries and regions including Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Japan, the Czech Republic, France, and Taiwan organized delegations, of which France was the first to participate in the exhibition. Machine tool associations in 12 countries or regions set up information desks on CCMT2018 to facilitate face-to-face information exchange and communication with exhibitors and visitors.

   CCMT2018 uses 10 indoor exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center N1-N5, W1-W5, with a total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters. Among them, W1, 2, 4, 5 and N2 pavilions are used in the domestic exhibition area, N1, 4 and W3 pavilions are used in the overseas pavilions, and N3 and N5 pavilions are domestic and foreign mixed exhibitions.

    There are a large number of exhibits at this year's show. New products and boutiques are brought together. The variety and quantity of exhibitions are far ahead of previous CCMT exhibitions. Exhibits include metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special processing machine tools, flexible processing units, automated production lines, industrial robots, control systems and automation components, functional components, measuring tools, cutting tools, work tools, measuring and testing instruments, and accessories. Various kinds of materials, etc., have collected the latest technological level of the latest machine tool tools. Around the exhibition theme, CCMT2018 presents the industry’s latest technological achievements in digital manufacturing, information interconnection solutions and smart manufacturing systems for the general audience.
    According to the exhibit materials provided by some exhibitors, the four main points of view of the exhibits in this exhibition are summed up.

    First, digital manufacturing continues to advance. Numerous digital manufacturing solutions and related products that are closely related to the transformation of manufacturing models have provided a variety of choices for learning, utilization, and reference for the vast number of manufacturing companies in the process of change. A number of global mainstream control systems adapted to the digital manufacturing environment are also on the same stage. The combination of software and hardware will help promote the Industrial 4.0 industrial revolution.

    The second is the continuous deepening and extension of integrated manufacturing connotation and practice.In the exhibition, many composite machine tools, production units, production lines, multi-spindle multi-tools machine tools, and automatic line stand-alone exhibits will integrate and integrate processes, processes, machine tool structures and functions, and work methods according to a certain target, thereby achieving high performance and high efficiency. The products show the strong advantages of integrated manufacturing and good development prospects.

    The third is the in-depth development of smart technology and has been widely used.A variety of intelligent technologies are used in the form of software and functions throughout process elements such as process planning, programming, simulation and inspection, set-up and operation, process control and inspection, maintenance, and maintenance, and are rich in professional skills and expert systems. Communication skills, virtual and simulation, processing navigation, work environment perception and compensation, perception and control of “force”, forecasting, visual and auditory intelligence technologies further integrate human-computer relationships and provide excellent support for operations.

    Fourth, the special machine tool presents a prosperous scene.The special machines presented at the show presented four features: multiple models, wide coverage, technical expertise, and closeness to the market. Numerous special machines with unique skills, tailor-made, and ingenious manufactures closely matched the market requirements for those who need to be highly efficient. Customers of performance-specific equipment provide a very rare purchase opportunity.

    On the day before the opening of the exhibition, on the morning of April 8, the organizer held an important supporting event - the 2018 Machine Tool Manufacturing CEO International Forum, the heads of technical experts from China, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries, technical director Or experts and CEOs of well-known companies in the industry delivered speeches. About 200 people, including CEOs, technical or management executives, user field representatives, and media representatives of leading global companies attended the forum. This forum was widely praised by participants for its high guest and audience positioning, rich and detailed content, strong international participation, and advanced and fast means of communication.

    During the exhibition, the organizers will also carry out a series of international exchanges and industry activities, mainly including: domestic CNC machine tool application symposium and long-term cooperation mechanism annual meeting, international business forum, special achievements of CNC machine tools, rolling performance test The results conference, the results of the 2017 industry's top ten selections, the selection of the CCMT2018 Chunyan Awards, the University's Window Modern Processing Image Contest, and dozens of technical seminars. Most of these activities are organized by the organizers of traditional brand activities, and have been constantly innovating and upgrading, will not only enrich the content of the exhibition, but will further enhance the quality of the show.

     Today, the curtain of CCMT2018 has been opened. A wide array of exhibits and colorful activities are waiting for your visit and tasting!


      The relevant government departments and representatives of domestic industry organizations attending the opening ceremony.

    Officials from National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Defense Industry and Technology Bureau, Hunan Economy and Information Technology Commission, Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, etc.; from China Association for Peaceful Use of Military Technology, China Automotive Industry Association, China Die and Mould Industry Association, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Foundry Association, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing Industry Association, China Electrical Apparatus Industry Association, China General Machinery Industry Association, Leaders and representatives of relevant professional associations in the machinery industry such as the China Mechanical Engineering Society, the Machinery Industry Promotion Association, and the Automobile Trade Promotion Association.

   The person in charge of the National Machine Tool Industry Association at the opening ceremony.

   American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association, German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, Italian Machine Tool Robotics and Automation Manufacturers Association, Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Industry Association, Czech Mechanical Engineering Technology Association, Spanish Machine Tool Industry Association, Japan Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, The Japan Machine Tool Small Parts Association, the French Manufacturing Technology Association, the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, the Taiwan District Machine Tool and Parts and Components Industry Association.