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The overcapacity of domestic medium and low-end machine tools, fierce price competition, and low profit margins make the high-end machine tool market dominated by foreign machine tools. Facing the complicated and highly competitive machine tool market, Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool accelerates product structure transformation and upgrading, with the goal of replacing imports and exports, focusing on the development of high value-added high-end CNC machine tools, and is committed to the manufacture of auto parts, weapons manufacturing, aviation In the area of market segmentation such as aerospace and other machine tools, we have specialized and refined products to achieve the goal of “best quality, lowest price, best service” and make a difference.

 The domestic market of automobile wheel processing machine tools and automated production lines was mainly occupied by imported products. As early as 1994, Jinan Machine Tool took the lead in the development of automotive wheel machining CNC machine tools in China. In 2015, based on new market demand, a new development of automotive wheel hub machining CNC machine tools and automated production line products. In 2016, it will be introduced to the market. In 2017, Jinan Machine Tool Auto Wheel Hub CNC machine tool and automated production line products ushered in a great development, the annual sales manual line (2 CNC lathes, 1 processing center) and automatic line more than 100, initially achieved the company's proposed "buy Hub machining machine tool, to the goal of Jinan Machine Tool.      

At the same time, as a key enterprise in the domestic machine tool industry, Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool has always been committed to supporting the development of the defense industry and aerospace industry. In 2017, Jinan Machine Tool provided a large number of high-performance high-precision CNC lathes, turning centers, turning and milling complex machining centers, and CNC special machine tools for the national weapons manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, and aerospace manufacturing projects.  

 In 2018, the domestic machine tool market will increase steadily. The goal of a machine tool in Jinan is sales revenue of 500 million yuan.      

 The automobile wheel hub machining machine is the first step in the company's focus on some market segments in the automotive component manufacturing sector. It will continue to study user processes and provide complete solutions such as CNC machine tools, digital processing units, and digital production lines. At the same time, it supports the development of weapons manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing and aerospace manufacturing, and provides a variety of high-performance, precision CNC machine tools.       

 Major initiatives in 2018: First of all, adhering to the business philosophy of “customer-processed technology as the core and service-oriented high-tech enterprise”, it provides comprehensive, high-quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services to customers and drives the company’s development; We will accelerate the pace of new product development and focus on the development of high-speed, high-efficiency, precision, and intelligent CNC machine tools and digital processing units and production lines for market demand. Third, to strengthen cooperation with domestic universities and scientific research institutes, adopt mergers, acquisitions, technical cooperation, commissioned development, and other forms, and cooperate with the world's most advanced machine tool manufacturing companies or teams to rapidly improve the technical quality of CNC machine tools and quickly master and break through. Several key and common technologies in the development of CNC machine tools. Fourth, improve the level of intelligence, digitization, and informationization of enterprises, and plan and build digital workshops for key components such as spindles, spindle boxes, and bed bases. Fifth, aiming at the international advanced machine tool manufacturers, improve the level of manufacturing technology, enhance the level of quality management, strengthen brand building, and maintain and enhance the brand value of “Jiyiji” brand CNC machine tools.      

To provide users with high-end CNC machine tools, digital processing units, production lines and even digital workshops, is the company's key development goals.