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      At 14:30 pm on May 17th, with the "click" sound, a large container containing a J1WL-800 hub horizontal machining lathe was installed and sealed successfully. It was fully loaded with the attention of field staff. A container carrier with a hard-working and delighted rider set off slowly and sent it to the port for shipment to Thailand.   

       This is the first batch of automotive hub machining machines to go out of the country since 2016 when the company established an industrial development direction for the automotive wheel hub processing industry. It has become a milestone mark for the company's products to the world, and it is also the first sale of automotive wheel hubs in Shandong Province. To countries along the Belt and Road.

    Accelerating the Transformation of Old and New Kinetic Energy Leads to a Production Revolution in the Hub Processing Industry  

    After definite development and positioning, Jinan, a machine-oriented customer needs focus on the development of key technical units, automated production equipment, to seize new trends in industrial development and accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. In September 2016, Jinan Machine successfully developed the first new wheel processing line. The processing line was equipped with two J1WL-800 horizontal machining lathes and one J1VMC-540W vertical machining center. After dozens of performance and standard tests, the processing line was successfully put into production. On this basis, the company's R&D personnel continued to sum up innovations and successively introduced hub bright surface machining horizontal lathes and “J1VWL-900 single-spindle CNC vertical lathe, J1VWL-900DT double-turret CNC vertical lathe, J1VMC-1370 vertical Machining center "Forging hub processing line and other leading products in the industry.

      At the same time, Jinan Machine Co., Ltd. cooperates with its sister company, DeMeiKe Electric Co., Ltd. to develop a new model of intelligent manufacturing. It has taken the lead in adopting the intelligent model of intelligent robot + high-end CNC machining machine in the same industry in China, and has successively launched the "product character". "Rail L" and "truss" three wheel hub processing intelligent production line. The production line realizes automatic automation of loading and unloading, automatic processing, automatic detection, and automatic compensation of the wheel hub processing, and provides a new solution for the reduction of staff and efficiency for the automotive hub processing companies suffering from the shortage of labor in the country. The products broke the foreign technical barriers, broke the monopoly position of the international counterparts, replaced imports, and were welcomed by the auto aluminum alloy wheel processing machine tool market.   

    12338, New Concept of Data Interpretation Service 

    Taking customer's craft as the core and building service-type high-tech enterprises is a brand-new orientation for the development of Jinan. "1.33, 24, 3, 35, 80%" of the five groups of data, referred to as 12338, is the company's first round of hub processing line to hand over a satisfactory answer, but also the company's production (workshop), technology, sales, quality assurance and other departments A set of data recorded in the heart. 1 refers to the critical equipment capability index (CMK) of 1.33, which is the international leader in product performance; 2 is processing without stopping the machine 24 hours a day; one machine person pays and struggling to ensure product delivery; 3 is a three-month trial to allow users Trustworthy products; "35" is to improve according to customer's process requirements and self-discovery problems and improve the number of problems, with the "sperm detail in the process" management philosophy to truly realize the customer process as the core; 8 refers to the equipment With a rate of more than 80%, the benefits have increased dramatically. 

      If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come. In April 2017, the company actively upgraded its existing "Export Equipment Inspection Standards" and "Export Equipment Packaging Standards" according to market demand. At the 15th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2017), the company’s intelligent production line for wheel hubs won high praise from the industry for its outstanding performance such as high precision, high rigidity and high reliability. .   

    Mei Huaxiang has come from a bitter cold. We believe that with the joint efforts of all aircraft, Jiji will certainly play a more exciting movement in the wheel hub processing market and harvest the most beautiful Fanghua.