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In April 2018, Jinan No.1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. won the Chunyan Award again at the 10th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition.
On May 17th, the company's first batch of automotive wheel processing machines went out of the country and became a milestone mark for the company's products to the world. It was also the first time that the car wheel processing machines were sold to countries along the Belt and Road.
On May 25th, the company successfully hosted the "2017 New and Old-fashioned Kinetic Energy Conversion Smart Manufacturing Site Exchange Meeting of Shandong Mechanical Parts Industry" sponsored by the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Committee.
In March 2015, the medium and high-end CNC machine tool industry park was put into use; the production area was 430 acres, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and fixed assets of 826 million yuan.
In January 23, 2014, Jinfeng First Machine Tool Ruifeng Technology Branch was formally established to produce CNC high-speed cutting sawing machines, filling the gaps in domestic large-scale high-speed CNC cutting machine tools and replacing imported products. The product technology level reached the international advanced level. .
On March 21, 2014, Jinan Jiji Ruiling Automation Co., Ltd. was established. The company focuses on the integration of information technology and manufacturing. It specializes in the automation design and implementation of complete sets of equipment. While completing the automation of its own production line, It can provide design and installation services for automated complete sets of equipment for various industries. Combining a CNC machine tool and automation in Jinan, we provide users with a complete process plan for automated processing. Its establishment marks the official entry of the Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool into the field of robotics and factory automation. The company will develop from a single machine tool equipment manufacturer to intelligent equipment manufacturers and integrators.
In 2014, it was awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprise.
In 2013, the company initiated the restructuring work. Shandong Weida Group Co., Ltd. reorganized the company. In January 2013, Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002026).
In September 2013, the construction of medium and high-end CNC machine tool industry parks was started.
On June 27, 1998, Premier Zhu Rongji inspected Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool Plant and watched the work flow of the staff to demonstrate the machine tool.
In 1995, China's first batch of state-level technology centers were established.
On July 30, 1992, Jiang Zemin, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, accompanied Jiang Chunyun, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Zhihao, Governor of the Jinan Military Region, Song Qingyao, Secretary of the Jinan Military Region, Yong Yongji, Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Committee, and Xie Yutang, acting mayor of the Jinan Military Region, to our factory.
In 1984, the trial design succeeded in the JLBN320 single-board microcomputer numerical control lathe, J1XM360 digital display lathe, J1JNC460 economical numerical control lathe, and passed technical appraisal. The three new products took part in the Beijing New Technology and New Products Fair on January 1, 1985, in which the JNC460 economical CNC lathe won the second prize of Chunyan.